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Adding Sparkle

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These elegant designs will certainly add sparkle to the day.

JET2009 - Tiara Elegant and Eye-catchingJET2009 - Tiara: Tiara Czech rhinestones and Chinese crystalsSuch an elegant tiara full of detail and packed with the most precious crystals this elegant tiara is made with high quality components such as Czech rhinestones and Chinese crystals. It will compliment any choice of style.

JET2012 - Tiara Gorgeously DivineJET2012 - Tiara: Gorgeously Divine TiaraMade from bespoke quality Swarovski marquis stones this tiara is simply divine. Matches jewellery set JEJ3002

JET2013 - Tiara Statement TiaraJET2013 - Tiara: Statement TiaraEye-catching statement tiara with freshwater pearls and Czech rhinestones. Matches Jewellery set JEJ3007

JET2015 - Tiara Suits All StylesJET2015 - Tiara: Tiara to suit all stylesSwarovski stones and crystals make this gorgeous tiara a must buy and it really does suits all styles.

JET2016 - Tiara Delicate And GracefulJET2016 - Tiara: Delicate and graceful TiaraFreshwater pearls and Swarovski stones gives this delicate tiara such grace.

JET2017 - Tiara Sparkles And Glitters In The LightJET2017 - Tiara: Tiara which sparkles and glitters in the lightStunning Tiara sparkles in the light. Comprises, Swarovski marquis stones, Czech Rhinestones and crystals.

JET2021 - Tiara Flowery Crystal TiaraJET2021 - Tiara: Fresh Looking Flowery Crystal TiaraOnly the best components are used in this fresh looking flowery crystal tiara. The design is suitable for all dress and hair styles.

JET2022 - Tiara Flawless Delicate FinishJET2022 - Tiara: Tiara with a flawless delicate finishThe flawless finish on this delicate tiara makes it a favourite eye-catching piece to own.

JET2023 - Tiara Adding SparkleJET2023 - Tiara: Stunning sparkling tiaraA stunning crystal tiara full of sparkle.

JET2024 - Tiara Angel TiaraJET2024 - Tiara: Angel TiaraMade with only the highest of components, this angel tiara suits all styles.

JET2028 - Tiara Princess TiaraJET2028 - Tiara: Princess TiaraCharming Princess tiara complements all styles.

JET2030 - Tiara Sparkling Princess TiaraJET2030 - Tiara: Sparkling Princess TiaraSparkling Princess tiara packed full of Rhinestones gives this plenty of sparkle and character.

JET2032 - Tiara Stunning Traditional TiaraJET2032 - Tiara: Stunning Traditional TiaraBest Seller for this traditional tiara made from outstanding quality freshwater pearls. Simply stunning.

JET2038 - Tiara Triple Layered TiaraJET2038 - Tiara: Triple Layered TiaraOne of a kind triple layered Tiara, made up of Czech Rhinestones and crystals this tiara oozes elegance

JET2039 - Tiara Princess Style TiaraJET2039 - Tiara: Princess Style TiaraSwarovski marquis stones and Urea pearls make this princess-style tiara simply stunning.

JET2042 - Tiara Dazzling And UniqueJET2042 - Tiara: Dazzling And Unique TiaraAdorned with chunky fresh water pearls throughout make this unique tiara truly dazzling.

JET2047 - Tiara Outstanding And StunningJET2047 - Tiara: Outstanding And StunningSimply outstanding and stunning you won’t find another tiara design quite like it.